A B-17 Flying Fortress, the Nine-0-Nine

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Reunion -- On Friday, May 4th, Mike Caldwell, at right, took his mother, Eloyce, and father Charlie to a fly-in at the Camarillo, California airport.  It was an opportunity for his father, at left, to board the last flying B-24 bomber, "Witchcraft".  Charlie was a co-pilot on the original plane.  He flew bombing and resupply missions out of England with the 467th bomb group.


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Takeoff -- The original Witchcraft was scrapped at war's end.  This one was painstakingly rebuilt and repainted in the exact likeness of the original.  

"...in tribute to those who built, flew, and maintained the B-24, and in tribute to all those who served in World War Two." 


Here are three shots of the B-25 "Tondelayo"

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Left, a B-24 cockpit.  Right, "walking through" one of the engines.  "Oil tends to gather in the lower cylinders," Charlie told us.

P-40 Tomahawk at the Wings over Camarillo Airshow, August 21, 2011
Photo by Ray Smith 2011  Daly Road Graphics

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