This timeline shows the evolution of the drumhead design for the   Sgt. Pepper Band.

     Drummer Lynn Coulter wanted an antique leather look, but complicated patterns won't adhere to such a surface.

     We began by altering a photograph of a leather drumhead, adding artificial noise and other effects, and then imposing graphics.

     The completed layers were assembled and embossed onto Mylar by the folks at Remo.

     The logo was rendered in black-and-white for T-shirts.





Daly Road Graphics provided the cover shot for the award-winning 2006-2007 Ojai Phone Book, and several illustrations inside. A direct-mail postcard for Advanced Network Services.



Photoshop Exercises   Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger image.


xmas01.jpg (179352 bytes) 2001


robbie.jpg (89620 bytes) 2003

"The Best Man for the Job  is a Human."

"The Ghost of Mission 
San Buenaventura."
anscard1.jpg (58177 bytes) 2003

Direct Mail Card


  "Angels of A.I.."
stab1a.jpg (372141 bytes) 2007




CD Covers

cover-a.jpg (315341 bytes) horizon.jpg (118829 bytes) wmub.jpg (90694 bytes) muthurs.jpg (121571 bytes)



Book Illustrations     Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger image.


cdpics.jpg (46652 bytes) Two color photos used for the book's supplemental CD-ROM  Photos were rendered at 300 DPI, in .tiff format, in 256-grayscale. fig8-03unwired.jpg (187421 bytes)
fig7-07carcam.jpg (125892 bytes) Demonstrates the use of a wireless mobile laptop camera. For Net Nanny chapter. fig4-10netnanny.jpg (107537 bytes)
fig5-05ups.jpg (67858 bytes) Power supply combined with a screen shot of the controlling software for it. Illustrates "wireless surveillance". fig8-02wificop.jpg (65376 bytes)


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